Public Health Reference Lab at KMU

WHO, NIH and Department of Health has finally agreed to establish a Public Health Reference Lab (PHRL) at KMU, ALHAMDULLILAH. Prior to it, NIH Islamabad was the only PHRL in the country. The establishment of PHRL at a medical university is a unique experiment of its kind in the whole region. It will insha'ALLAH bring a lot of resources and dignity to KMU. The core function of any PHRL is; to advise the Department of Health on health related matters especially diagnosis and prevention of diseases and investigation of epidemics and to act as reference center for the diagnosis and surveillance of diseases especially the infectious diseases.

Other responsibilities include, response to Epidemics and Outbreaks, Seasonal awareness and alert letter for epidemic prone infectious diseases, Laboratory Support for Polio Eradication through Molecular Sequencing and other Surveillance programs, research and Publications, Human Resource Development and developing National/Provincial Guidelines.