Vice Chancellor's Message

KMU nurtures competence through learning and innovation to prepare visionary leaders across all fields to optimize health and health care of individuals and communities. A university distinguishes itself as a fountain of knowledge and is entrusted with the responsibility of dissemination and preservation of knowledge.KMU is the only public sector medical university hence it shoulders a heavy mandate to provide academic stewardship and conduct meaningful researchin all health related fields.

A university endeavors to excel by enhancing access, quality and relevance.Khyber Medical University, in its journey of seven years,has tried to identify gaps in the field of health and fill them after extensive consultation and planning. The aim was to provide access in those fields hitherto not available to the residents of this area. Her earlier adventures were in the fields of Nursing, Physical Medicine and Public Health. First of its kind, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences was established to offer M Phil leading to PhD program in basic medical sciences to cater for requirements of all public and private sectors medical colleges. The university enhanced the faculty, strengthened infrastructure and increased seats by double of KMU Institute of Medical Sciences. A dental college KMU Institute of Dental Sciences (KIDS) has been established in Kohat - the first of its kind in southern districts. The University established KMU institute of Paramedics to provide trained human resource in this important field and bachelors program is being offered in 13 specialties. Institute of Health Profession Education and Research was the first of its kind in the country to offer capacity building in Health Professions Education and research. KMU offers two years modular MHPE (Masters in Health Professions Education) and MHR (Masters in Health Research) and CHPE (Certificate in Health Professions Education) and CHR (Certificate in health Research) to equip all medical and allied health teachers with the latest knowledge of curriculum designing and assessment and conducting research.

University has a role in building community and economy. Work has already started on purpose built medical and dental colleges in 120-Kanal plot in KDA, Kohat with magnanimous support of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government. This shall usher a new era in health care delivery in southern districts. This shall raise the level of living with positive socioeconomic effects on the society.To provide leadership in prevention and control of non-communicable and communicable diseases, Khyber Medical University has embarked upon establishing Pakistan Research Institute of Diabetes & Endocrinology and NCD (RIDEDNC) and Research Institute of Hepatology & Hepato-Biliary Pancreatic- surgery and transplant (RIHEHPT) under one roof in the university campus sponsored by HEC and federal government. This shall provide a permanent structure –physically and intellectually robust to oversee preventive, evidence based therapeutic and conduct epidemiological, clinical, therapeutic and basic sciences research.This facilityshall offer state of art services for liver transplant with the possibility of pancreatic transplant as a cure for diabetes in the future.

Research remains a priority with KMU. We hosted six annual research symposiums to promote research at all levels. Wehave an active and vibrant ORIC (Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization) which undertook major research projects collaborating with organizations like RAF, PMRC, Relief International, DOST, British Council and Agha Khan University. In collaboration with Johns Hopkins University and Agha Khan University ORIC is implementing “Trauma and Injury prevention Program” incorporating capacity building of the staff.KMU hosted “Nutrition Policy to practice in Pakistan - Exploring the Challenges and Research Opportunities” - a British Council Funded Researcher Links Workshop in collaboration with HEC. Recently KMU and Georgia State University (GSU) signed a grant project agreement for saving maternal and infant lives with affordable technology in two districts. KMU takes pride in launching four Journals – KMU journal by KIMS, Advances in Basic Medical Sciences by IBMS, Advances in Medical Education by IHPE&R and Annals of Allied Health Sciences by INS, IPMR and IPM.All these efforts on capacity building, promoting research culture, providing opportunities to conduct research and disseminate research had a very positive effect and sowed the seeds for research culture.

KMU is proud of her family of 34 affiliated colleges and institutes. For the affiliated colleges and institutions, KMU offers the role of standardization and setting higher goals in curriculum, evaluation and mode of instruction in medical and health education and help achieving them by pooling of resources and intellect through innovation and scholarship.

In this journey of seven years number of student have increased steadily from 102 in 2008-9 by twenty two folds to 2216. Finances have been kept under close scrutiny and receipts increased from 165 m in 2008 to 865 m last year and expenditure has gone up from 109 m to 753m last year. Last year witnessed investment of 750 m forNursing and Paramedics institutions, 950 million for RIHHEPT and RIDENCD and 1700 for KIMS and KIDS totaling 3.4 billion. We could have not achieved this without the dedicated support of HEC and Provincial government. We expect provincial government to play her role and support KIMS and KIDS with regular annual grant of 100 million. We beseech HEC to enhance our grant according to the number of students – around 200 million. We need support of provincial government to support PhD student by creating basic Science TMO on the analogy of clinical TMOs. We need a special grant of 30 million towards our endowment fund.

KMU has played an important role in changing the landscape of medical and allied health fields in our province.It has achieved numerous milestones at the tender age of seven years. Ingeniously, the university identified gaps in the present health care delivery system and offered programs in these fields. KMU has been able to harness the resources and build an ambitious academic and research program for the province. KMU has excelled in all three defines areas of enhancing access to newer fields, providing relevance and improving quality. Today, it stands tall in her comity for her academic stewardship and pioneering research.

Professor Dr Mohammad Saleem Gandapur Acting Vice Chancellor Khyber Medical University Peshawar

Acting Vice Chancellor KMU