3rd Meeting of Central Curriculum & Assessment Committee of Nursing & Allied Health Sciences

In pursuance of Excellence and to be a leader in providing quality medical education in KPK Province specifically and in general across Pakistan Khyber Medical University on the basis of need took responsibility of designing, evaluating, and empowering Allied/Nursing & Rehabilitation Sciences professionals and their curriculum. To fulfil that Prof Dr Zia Ul Haq (VC KMU) Constituted Central Curriculum & Assessment Committee of Allied Health and Nursing Sciences under the supervision of Dr. Brekhna Jamil. High-quality education is relevant to patient needs and the changing patterns of skills are demanded by modern health care and Health System, to inculcated the concept the 3rd meeting of Central Curriculum & Assessment Committee was held on Friday, 09.07.2021 at  committee Room of Khyber Medical University. The proceeding of the meeting is as follows.
1. Table of specification for first semester BS/BSN nursing, paramedics and DPT programs were planned, designed, evaluated and incorporated in the Curriculum covering all three learning domains (Cognitive, Psychomotor & Affective Domains).
2. The committee members and concerned subjected specialists given task to incorporate suggestion in concerned specialty subjects. 
3. The committee members will develop consolidated curriculum document for first & second semesters for BS/BSN Nursing, MLT paramedics and DPT programs which will applicable from next induction.